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    Sep 07, 2017 by Juan
    Review for "The Law Office of Vernal Farnum Mejia" at 2001 Beach Street #525
    My name is Juan and my wife has an active case here. We are really having trouble with the office in Fort Worth. Ana has been on top of everything the office needed and about four weeks ago we gave everything they needed from us. We even paid in full!!! We called on Tuesday the 5th to try to get an update. Since we have not gotten a single one from the office. They tell Ana that they have not even submitted the forms. I went in person to see what was going on and the lady in the office told me she had no idea about her packet!!!! Ana was busting her ass and for what? So that the office can just put it aside and just take our HARD earned money!? We dedicated a lot of our time and money to be able to accomplish this, and for them to not show the same commitment is unacceptable! Now they called Ana telling her they might have lost my passport pictures. After we made them aware of our existence.  How does this happen? As you can tell by now I am very upset. I am upset because Ana feels that the trust she placed in their staff was broken. Everything going on right now does not help her situation. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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    Apr 18, 2017 by Ismael talavera
    Review for "AB & Associates" at 1790 Lee Trevino Drive #209
    Be where of this law firm it is a fraud !!! Mario Alfaro

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